Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Day two in Montpellier

The next morning, Sept 9th, as Marie had promised, the two of us strode into town from the Kyriad and saw so much in so short a time.

It's the same all over France.

Never enough time to absorb everything, and way too much to see, especially for a 'sticky-nose' like me !
Here are a few of my Montpellier photos, - out of many times that number.

Thank you Marie; Montpellier 'et ses alentours' was everything I had hoped it would be.
I am far the richer for the experience you enabled me to appreciate, and the contribution you made on my behalf.

Je te suis extrêmement reconnaissant Marie, merci tellement.

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Anonymous said...

Je ne connais pas très bien Montpellier, je ne me suis promenée qu'une seule fois sur la place de la Comédie. C'était il y a au moins quinze ans. J'en garde un très bon souvenir. Je devrais y retourner!