Saturday, 4 September 2010

Les gens font de leur mieux pour sembler plus jeunes

Merci à tous mes bons amis pour vos bonnes souhaites ce semaine.
Vrai, j'ai eu une accident très grave, mais vous, mes amis continuez toujours de me donnez une raison de vivre.
De temps en temps on peut voir quelque chose avant qu'il arrive, mais sur cette occasion je n'ai pas pu le voir avant qu'il est arrivé.
Tandis que j'utilisais ma tronçonneuse, pour couper du bois dimanche, la machine est devenue propulsée vers moi par un fil sur la barrière.
Il semble que la tète de Benaut était la chose principale que arrêtait le passage de l'instrument comme il volait par l'air !
Ainsi il s'arrêtait sur mon visage.
Quoique j'ai pensé que je fusse mort à cette moment, j'ai trouvé que l'opposite a tenu vrai.

C'est la fin du chapitre et heureusement je vais continuer d'être ennuyeux à tous mes amis comme d'habitude.

Par quelque temps qu'il fasse, j'espère que je peux provoquer une sourire à vous tous, mais j'ai appris que l'on doit vivre pour le faire.

People are doing their best to look younger
Thank you, to all my great friends for your good wishes this week.
True, I had a very serious accident but you my friends, continue to give me a reason to live.
From time to time we may see something before it happens, but on this occasion I could not see it coming.
While using my chainsaw to cut wood on Sunday, the machine propelled itself towards me when it hit a wire on the fence.
It seems that the head of Benaut was the main thing that stopped the passage of the instrument as it flew through the air!
So it stopped on my face.
Although I thought I had died at that time, I found that the opposite was true.

It's the end of the chapter and I'll happily continue to annoy all my friends as usual.

No matter what crops up, I hope I can bring a smile to you all, but I have learned that one must live to do this.


Thib said...

Mon Dieu ! Quelle frayeur !
Yous accident is another proof that a chain saw is always a very dangerous machine.
Now, I will always have a thought for you everytime I use mine...

I'm so happy you can tell us this story with your usual good smile only a few days after this accident!

And now that you look like a warrior, I'm sure that all "les jolies filles qui ne cherchent pas les coeurs noirs" will be around you... ;-))

Take care!

Stefan Jansson said...

What happened?

M.Benaut said...

Merci beaucoup Thib, nice to see you again.

Steffe, I am really sorry that I haven't done the English translation yet. I will do it asap and apologise for now.
(The chainsaw hit a fence wire and bounced in to my face. )

Kate said...

Oh, my goodness. Despite the injuries, your are really very lucky! Your attitude is great. After all that I hope that you have a restful and SAFE weekend!

M.Benaut said...

That's so nice of you, Kate.
I was so lucky to be sure !
Perhaps I should stick to photographing horses too !

Anonymous said...

Chainsaw bounced in face? That must have been a terror to realize what happened. You are lucky.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Don't you know you can't cut a wire fence with a chainsaw? Wishing you a smooth recovery. Tess.

Jilly said...

Good God, Ian1 You must stop playing with these boys' toys! Seriously, that must have been utterly terrifying but gosh, aren't you luck not to have lost an eye or worse. Am so glad to see you smiling and of course I've always adored your sense of humour.

Take care and hope it's not all too painful. Andrea must have freaked out when she saw you. I know I would have done.


Tu es un homme chanceux pour ce coup là.
Bon rétablissement.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Mon Dieu that's awful - but so lucky. I have only just seen your lovely comment on my blog so rushed over here to see the damage, though had heard straight away of course from Madame. Do take care, notre Benaut, I'm hoping you won't pick up one of those things again?