Saturday, 23 January 2010

On doit détruire deux oiseaux avec l'une pierre

Quand je suis allé à la ville de Stirling hier il a fait un beaux jour, 39° et ensoleillé.
Le Tour a été programmée pour arriver dans le village à midi et les villageois se réunissaient sur les côtés du chemin en ville.
Mais pour trouver Lance Armstrong dans le peloton n'est pas si facile, quand on regarde dans un viseur.
Il vaudrait bien mieux d'aller en France en juillet prochain et de faire d'une pierre deux coups.
(Avez-vous su que les Anglais disent qu'on doit détruire deux oiseaux avec une pierre ?)

It's difficult to find Lance Armstrong in a peloton !
Yesterday I popped into Stirling to watch the Tour Down-Under at midday at grab some photos for you lot ! !
The hordes were lining the street and a gaie carnival atmosphere prevailed everywhere.
But what a bummer.
While devoting my time to sending photos of the tour across the seven seas, I did not even SEE the man.
So busy was I looking through my viewfinder! !


bitingmidge said...

Why do I get to your blog so rarely? It's an eternal question I think, we go to see the cyclists race, but we need them to slow down, smile and wave!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Leif Hagen said...

Awesome biking race action photos! Bravo!

M.Benaut said...

Peter, Happy new year to you and yours.

We certainly need to have lots of things slow down.

Naturally you are far better off in Queensland, - you don't have either Daylight Saving or faded curtains.

I need to go to Alex Headland in a couple of months so I may sing out or even take a photo of you taking one of me !

Nice to have in Adelaide where it gets to over 40° from time to time.

M.Benaut said...

Leif, You are much too kind.

I can see how hard it would be to be a professional photographer. Every bugger stands in front of you when you go click ! !

Hans said...

I had the pleasure to watch the riders in last year's TDU at Willunga Hill. That was great. But you are right - sometimes we must not forget just to enjoy the moment without trying to perpetuate it.