Monday, 4 May 2009

Tout le monde a besoin d'une chèvre comme Amalthée

Aussi bien que produire votre propre électricité et construire des maisons bien isolées, il faut garder sa propre chèvre.

Une chèvre consommera des buissons de mûre, les vêtements sur la corde à ligne et les très petits visiteurs de l'établissement!

Cependant des chèvres peuvent être trouvées dans tous les pays. Celui-ci, vit dans le Musée du Louvre à Paris

Everybody needs a goat
As well doing all those energy saving things around the house, no suburban backyard is complete without a goat.
They eat anything and anyone, and if you choose the right breed, you can then eat the goat and use the intestines for sutures.
This goat at Lenswood has eaten everything on this side of the fence and is fed up with the bare rocks.


Anonymous said...


claude said...

Dear MB
In my first life, my ex husband and I had some sheeps to eat the grass of our large property.
When I was little girl I met a goat, but not face to face. She butted its head against my bottom and after she ate the paper of my chocolate bar.

About the deer I took the deear wail on Deezer. I learnt the deer wail is like the elk bell.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Use the intestines for sutures?? Good God man, what's all this caper? :)

Anonymous said...

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