Monday, 30 March 2009

La Maison Jaune

With the Australian drought and the economic crisis affecting tourism so badly, many rental homes in tourist resorts are vacant.
Here at Goolwa near Adelaide, The Yellow House has not tipped it's tenants out; there is simply no water in the river.
So, there's not much activity to be enjoyed apart from walking around on the dry river beds or praying for rain.

Avec la sécheresse australienne et la crise économique affectant le tourisme si mal, beaucoup de maisons à louer dans les stations touristiques sont vacantes.
Ici à Goolwa près d'Adelaïde, la Maison Jaune n'a pas jeté dehors ses locataires, il n'y a simplement aucune eau dans le fleuve.
Ainsi, il n'y a pas beaucoup d'activité à être appréciée sauf pour marcher autour sur les lits de fleuve secs ou prier pour la pluie.


Michael Salone said...

I happen to know who designed this house. Maybe he needs to go and spend some time straightening things out!

claude said...

Eveything goes bad everywhere !
Nice lodging for vacation.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Wow do these people need someone English to come and occupy/look after them for a while?

La maison jaune said...

LOL Michael. What a fine analysis :-)))

Perhaps the person who designed the house should make himself known to the public. I think he'd be very good at praying for rain with the catholics ;-)

B SQUARED said...

Saw a program on your drought last night. 2000 days without appreciable rain fall. Incredible! The toll it is taking on farmers and ranchers is hard to believe. Cataclysmic and biblical in proportion.

M.Benaut said...

Fort Lauderdale would no doubt have a substantial rainfall, B2. ( I just checked - and I see you get 64 inches. )

Here we get 20 inches per annum, but I reckon we have only had 2/3 of that in the last year.

Maybe, I'll show you some more of this drought from time to time.

Julie said...

a yellow house for theme day. perfect!