Monday, 16 June 2008

Jours chauds et nuits froides

En hiver on doit envoyer l'petite amie au vendeur du bois. Voici la cour de bois de Stirling un jour chaud. Cependant les soirées sont très froides, maintenant. Il a fait à 5° la nuit passée.
Warm days and cold nights.
In winter you just send the girl friend to the wood yard. Here's the Stirling wood yard on a warm day. But the nights are cold; only 5° last night.

Comme d'habitude on doit cliquer, s'il vous plait


dive said...

Five degrees? That's a degree warmer than we had last night.
And it's supposed to be summer here.

I'm off down the woodyard to see if I can find a girlfriend to warm me up.

MmeBenaut said...

Phew! Just as well I'm a wife and not a girlfriend.

M.Benaut said...

Ma chérie, celui est pourquoi l'homme doit aller à la cour du vendeur du bois.

Not such a bad idea Dive, there's usually a good selection at our woodyard.
Pop over here if things are running short, old son.

Jules said...

Dive - that one looks a bit scary - bet she can chop a bloke up - oops I mean a block up in record time!!!!

In PNG you see the women walking down the road with half a tree on top of their heads with the guys wandering behind with the bush knife - sigh what would we do without them????