Friday, 20 June 2008

Partout qu'on regarde, la terre est verte, maintenant

Après le vol à ma banque, j'ai décidé de me cacher dans le pays. Ensemble, avec mon ami, "le docteur des bateaux", nous avons trouvé une cachette.
Vraiment, nous regardions une vieille grange pour acheter, pour lui et sa petite amie. C'est la vue à travers les champs. Une partie vraiment belle des collines d'Adelaïde.
J'aime la signature sur cette pierre de l'année 1924.
After the bank robbery, yesterday, I hid in the country, to count the money, of course !!
The Boat Doctor and I, were looking at an old barn he is thinking of buying and here is the view across the paddocks. It's all so nice and green, now.


Anonymous said...
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claude said...

It is so green ! And the stone so orange ! The barn is beautiful. Does your friend buy it ?

M.Benaut said...

J'espère qu'il l'achètera, Claude. Demain soir les quatre de nous dineront à un hôtel chez Hahndorf (que je vous ai montré avant). Nous discuterons la proposition, là.
J'espère que nous ferons des plans pour retourner à l'île Kangourou à un moment donné à l'avenir.
La couleur orange n'était pas aussi vraie comme dans la vraie vie. J'ai été forcé de la mettre en valeur, afin de voir le découpage, clairement. Désolé.

Jilly said...

Finally catching up and looking at some super photos, M Benaut. Beautiful scene on today.

Apologies for lack of comments recently. I'm in America. But slowly, from today, hope to start commenting a little more regularly

M.Benaut said...

Hi, Jilly, hope you can understand the dialect.
Just keep saying, "have a nice day !!!" It seems to cover all bases, I think.

Like when I was in Thonon-les-Bains in 1999, I found that I could talk to a Frenchman using a series of grunts and guffaws and chain smoking outside a supermarché while awaiting our respective conjoints. In the end we were literally crying with laughter at our lack of ability to communicate. His name was Denis and he was a 'Vitrier'.
I regard him as being one of my best and memorable friends of that trip. I would love to meet him again.

Don't apologize. We all know what it's like travelling. I'm hoping to catch up with Monsieur Michel Iznard, so I had better se dépêcher to the Gorbio town square else I might miss him !!

dive said...

That's just gorgeous, Monsieur!
Just think how much crap you could get in that shed! Hee hee.
Hey! Did you find any old sheet metal you can make into Ned Kelly-style armour for when the cops catch up with you?

Anonymous said...

This certainly looks like a lovely piece of land to invest in. I did not realise that SA could get that green! The shed is gorgeous to look at - but probably a challenge to live in!

Marie said...

Très jolies photos. Vos granges ressemblent aux granges américaines ! Avez-vous remarqué que je mets des accents sur mes mots maintenant ? J'ai réussi à installer le clavier français sur mon portable; c'est super, non ?

Trueblue Bob said...

The inscription on the wall... looks like Louis Benaut.
Was that your long lost bushranger Uncle??

M.Benaut said...

Dive, in the words of the song; "they'll never catch me alive, said he."
(Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Patterson 1895; Australia's unofficial national anthem).

Julie, the Adelaide hills have many secrets, one of which is the Adelaide Hills Wine Region which seriously threatens the French, white, still and sparkling wines, such as champagne.

Marie, That was the first thing that I noticed, today.
A French girl without her French accents is worse that Colonel Sanders with no chickens.
I am very pleased to hear you are much happier than before.
One does not realize how attached we can be, to various things until we are deprived of them.
I hope you are enjoying your furlough in Westport and you are having ball !

Je vous ai envoyé quelques accents français, pour vous aider dans cette urgence, toutefois un nouveau clavier est bien mieux.

M.Benaut said...

Gutenmorgen Herr Schaussengraben, haben Sie das geschlafene gute.

I have been fiddling with iPhoto Edit to try and read the inscription but it is not easy to read.
While I was at the barn with the boat doctor, I didn't notice the flowers carved into the stone; only when I enhanced the image later in the day.

Yes, monsieur, I come from a long line of bushrangers!

Anonymous said...

Monsieur: my favourite red at the moment is called "Tatty Road" by Gemtrees which is a vineyard in SA somewhere. A mix with wonderful body and much flavour.

Jules said...

I can just see you M B - pistols in both hands, twirling your moustache - oops - not enough hands!! Oh well.....pistols in one hand (how handy of you!!!) twirling your moustache, yelling "Stand and deliver....."