Thursday, 21 February 2008

Trop d'huîtres et peut-être trop de bière ?

Quelquefois c'est facile de lire les esprits des gens, mais dans d'autres occasions l'emploi est plus difficile.
Ce gentilhomme pense, "nous approchons-nous de la plage ?"
La dame pense, "Après le fait de consommer toutes ces huîtres et bière, cet homme est dangereux ?"
Que croyez-vous qu'ils pensent ?
Sometimes it's easy to read people's minds but on other occasions the job is more difficult.
This bloke is thinking, "Are we approaching the beach?"
The lady is thinking, "After consuming all those oysters and beer, this man is dangerous?"
What do you think that they think ?


Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

I think she may be leading him back to the warden-assisted accommodation. What was he thinking walking through a shopping centre dressed like that? I would be quite shocked, even more so a man of his age. A teenager you could assume is ignorant of decorum. Goodness am i being pompous, unfair or just plain old?

dive said...

I think you stumbled on a Pom-Scaring Festival, Monsieur.
The hairy-backed half-nekkid pensioner and the fat, sweating baldy man on the right will keep me away from Adelaide's Central Market for some time to come.

Utsav said...

I agree with Lynn that they're headed back to "warden-assisted accomodation", but I must say, I don't think he quite realizes what he's doing, so we ought to cut him a little slack.
I've known many people without a grip on reality up close, and I think I know just how the woman feels- it isn't easy. I don't pray, but if I did, I would for them.
On the other hand, the bloke on the right does make for a laugh- what did he do, spill beer on himself?

Jules said...

From my experience M B too much beer over-rides the effects of oysters - so I reckon she is as safe as houses!!!!

Was he driving the car in your latest post???

Jilly said...

I'm with Lynn and Ustav - maybe the guy has Alzeheimer's. Maybe he's a tourist and wore the wrong clothes when he left the hotel this morning and is hot - but wouldn't this place be airconditioned?

I love photos like this that pose questions.