Sunday, 25 October 2009

L'onzième Feu-de-Joie annuel dans nos champs arrières, la nuit passée

Car vous aimeriez tous l'entendre, le 'bonfire' de cette année a fourni le grand amusement à tout le monde.

Comme d'habitude le Français et les Italiens ont oublié de griffer une ligne de barrière sur la terre, bien que certains d'entre eux viennent de près de Menton.

Il y avait aussi certains visiteurs de l'Arabie Saoudite. Cependant mon arabe est très pauvre ces jours-ci mais je le parlais en mon enfance .

Voici quelques uns des bonfire-photos. Peut-être l'année prochaine vous voyagerez à Adelaïde pour nous joindre tous ?

Last night's bonfire was great fun for everyone.
As usual the French and the Italians forgot to scratch a border on the ground, even though some of them come from near Menton. There were also some visitors from Saudi Arabia. However, my Arabic is very poor these days but I used to speak it in my childhood.

Here's some shots from last night. Let's hope some of you will be present next year, oui ?


Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

You spoke Arabic in your childhood, Monsieur? How very interesting and something you haven't shared before. Hopefully we can see a little of it here at some point, en sha'allah... I, for one, would be keen! Ma'a salaama... ;)

Michael Salone said...

So another one missed. Will definitely have to make it there one of these days. And yes, I was surprised to learn about the Arabic too Lynn. Such a worldly guy, huh!

M.Benaut said...

Yes Lynn, and Michael too, I did learn to speak a little Arabic in my childhood.

My aunt and uncle were Church of England missionaries in East Africa, - Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika, then in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - with the Church Missionary Society.

They would write to me when I was very young, in Arabic and then follow it up with lessons when they returned on furlough.

I can still say "I have had an elegant sufficiency" and "I have had a flaming gutsfull" but have not found the elegant Arab company to try it out on again !!