Friday, 27 March 2009

La Statue d'Eric le Rédempteur

Croyez-vous que c'est là la statue d'Éric le Rédempteur à Rio de Janeiro ou la grenouille volante qui rentre vers son Paris bien-aimé ?
Peu importe ce que vous pensez.

Ici à Adelaïde nos coeurs sont lourds.
Éric est parti et notre merveilleux ami nous manque.
Merci d'avoir apporté votre rire français et votre amitié mon cher ami.
Un jour dans l'avenir, vous verrez un australien atterrir à Paris 9ème exactement comme ça.

Today our wonderful French friend spread his wings to return to his, (and everyone's) beloved Paris.
Consequently, the house is quiet; it has no more French echos of laughter, and of song.
But, Edith Piaf's, "L'Homme à la Moto" will sound in my ears on Monday as Eric scoots off to his office.

Thank you Eric, we had a ball, or was it just the best celebration of the century ?


Parisian Heart said...

Ces photos sont geniales! Merci bien de les avoir partagees ... et les petites histoires aussi! Cela me rechauffe le coeur.

claude said...

Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin m.Benaut, hélas ! Eric et vous deux garderont le souvenir de cette visite jusqu'à la prochaine rencontre.

Marie said...

Vous pouvez rester en contact avec vos autres amis français en venant visiter leurs blogs de temps en temps, M. Benaut !

Michael Salone said...

What a wonderful story M Benaut and nice way to capture his visit. I understand Marie's comment, but it's hard to be everywhere AND with the King of CityDailyPhoto at the same time. I'm sure you'll get around to the others when you can.

Monica said...

M.Benaut, your portuguese just keeps surprising me more and more!
A brazilian/french statue... wow isn't Eric just perfect for the job?

(btw, it is true that the Christ statue is part brazilian part french because the french sculptor Paul Landowski is the one who made the head and the arms of the statue.
You see, my people and the french go way back!!!!!!!)

Karen said...

What a fun blog. I just found you because of Eric's link. I'll be back.

Kim said...

I laughed so hard to see Eric the Redeemer! You are so witty. It looks like he got a good dose of that autumn sunshine to fortify him as he heads back to work. It sounds like you had a marvelous time. Thanks for showing him your fair city and being such lovely hosts. I enjoyed following your sojourn through Europe with other of the CDPB friends. What fun!
Seattle Daily Photo

M.Benaut said...

Kim, I am thrilled to know that you followed my French trip and that you enjoyed seeing the flying frog.
Naturally, I only used this phrase with Eric's permission, and with all the frivolities and laughter, last week, 'anything went'.
Also, you have to be congratulated for the excellent profile shot you took in Seattle of our wonderful friend, Michael. (It's just near the top of this page).
What fun, indeed, and great to see you here in Adelaide !

Karen, you will be pleased to know that we don't have alligators in Australia so you can come down under with safety !

Monica, thanks for pointing out the other side of the story of the head and arms.
Eu estava muito feliz lê-lo.
See !! - it's just like French, n'est-ce pas ?

Michael, hasn't this been just the best fun ?!
Thanks also for your gentle prompting.
I ALWAYS take your advice !!

Marie. Not only because Michael reminded me !!

Claude, ma prochaine rencontre avec Eric vous inclura tout.
Je manque vous tous tellement !!

Parisian Heart, Thanks for your kind visit to Adelaide and for saying such nice things.
I guess there is a regimen of sharing in the CDP group and who more than Eric himself.
For four years he has religiously posted a photo a day without faltering.
I feel extremely lucky to have joined this wonderful group;
to have met him both in Paris and now Adelaide;
to have met lots of other fellow bloggers on my sojourn in France;
and to have become a changed person as a result.
I found a family of dear friends and I just have to look above on this current page to be reminded of so many.