Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Un petit peu de Paris à Adelaïde

As Tuesday was so cloudy, our plan to show Eric the beach, was put on hold.
Instead, we stormed through the city centre in very light rain.
Today, we will see the dry Murray River and the Lower Lakes where the river meets the ocean at Encounter Bay.

Mardi était nuageux et ainsi, nous avons décidé d'éviter aller à la plage, mais de visiter le centreville d'Adelaïde.
Aujourd'hui, nous verrons le Fleuve Murray sec, et les Lacs-Plus-Bas où le fleuve rencontre l'océan à la Baie de Rencontre.


Michael Salone said...

Boys will be boys!

M.Benaut said...

You can cay that, again, Michael !

Virginia said...

i need that hot pink la tour for my ET collection.. How much fun to have our Eric to show around. Good times I'm sure.

Eric Tenin said...

I concur, it's fun to have Ian - and Andrea - showing me things around!

Ian, I love this photo of you with the ET on the table. And don't tell me you did not plan ahead to wear a matching shirt when you pick it in the morning!!!

Monica said...

haha I noticed the matching shirt too! C'est la vie - et M.Benaut - en rose!

Of course I remember my koala, I'm glad to know he showed up to give Eric a proper welcome! It's delightful to see these pictures showing what a wonderful time our Roi is having :)

claude said...

La Tour Eiffel rose semble de laisser pensif.
Eric et toi êtes de grands enfants !
Le nom du restaurant amuse beaucoup Eric et je pense qu'il t'a expliqué pourquoi !

Marie said...

J'ai bien aimé la chemise assortie à la tour Eiffel, à moins que ça ne soit l'inverse !

A quand un retour de M et Mme Benaut sur nos blogs ?

Brett said...

Great to see the man himself, i was inspired by him over a year ago and now wonder what i did with all my spare time.

Anonymous said...







Jilly said...

Boys will be boys indeed!

It's been great following the Adelaide leg of the "Great Australian Tour." Confess I worried that kangaroo, or was it a wallaby (?) might bite Eric. And that ostrich (or was it an emu?) - you can see I don't know my Aussie birds and animals - can be positively lethal. You were brave, Eric.

We need Eric back in one piece, Monsieur Benaut!

Continued good fun in the wonderful land of down under.

Anonymous said...

A Ziz(z)i open 7 days a week and for breakfast? WOW!

♥ E.T. Suzy ♥ said...


Lovely photos Mr. B. What a great friendship you have.

Tomate Farcie said...

Zizi cafe restaurant?!! Hmmm... I don't know about that, lol! ;)

Tomate Farcie said...

OH, I didn't notice you guys were making an Eiffel Tower! Pretty cool! BTW, pleased to meet you Mr. Benaut!

Sally said...

I don't believe Eric was ever in Sydney....we never saw any visual evidence!