Sunday, 22 March 2009

Paris Daily Photo in Adelaide, day 2

Today the weary travellers sat back and examined the abundant wildlife of the Adelaide Hills.
This was made easy by the wonderful facilities of the Cleland Wildlife Conservation Park which overlooks the Adelaide Plains and The Gulf St. Vincent.
However, the gelati after all the hard work was most welcome.

Aujourd'hui les voyageurs fatigués se sont reposés et ont examiné la faune abondante des collines d'Adelaide.
C'a été rendu facile par le magnifique équipement du Parc de Conservation de Faune Cleland qui donne sur les plaines d'Adelaide et du Golfe Saint Vincent.
Pourtant, pour manger le gelati après de faire tout le travail dur, était le plus bienvenu.


Monica said...

The ice cream serves the voyagers well, I can only imagine how hot it is down there right now!!!!!!!!

Did any Koala showed up to welcome the visitors?

Michael Salone said...

I hope the ice cream wasn't kangaroo flavoured! What's on for tomorrow pray tell?

M.Benaut said...

Monica, yes !

Your Koala (remember a year ago,) came to wake us all up early this morning, avec sa petite amie.

The noise they were making together would have been practically illegal in Brasil !!

claude said...

C'était des glaces à quoi? Quel parfum comme on dit ?

Anonymous said...

That is one delicious looking photo!

Another Michael said...

Great photo! Maybe we can visit your far-away land also someday. We have friends with some property in Devonport, NZ.

M.Benaut said...

A. Michael,

Good idea. Tell me more !