Friday, 7 December 2007

La compagnie nationale d'enregistreur de temps de Londres

Quand on a le plaisir d'amuser des amis de Paris, il n'est pas toujours possible de trouver une horloge française, pour se reposer dessous.
Ce soir nous avons eu le plaisir de diner avec la marraine de Madame, qui vit dans le seizième arrondissement. Elle a fait cuire le prosciutto de penne avec la fusée, les artichauts et la tomate sèche par soleil. Je ne vous dirai pas ce que nous avons bu, parce que nous n'en avons pas laissé pour vous. Désolé.

The National Time Recorder Company of London
When one has the pleasure of entertaining friends from Paris, it is not always possible to find a French clock, to sit beneath.
This evening we had the pleasure of dining with Madame's, Godmother, who lives in the sixteenth arrondissement. She cooked penne prosciutto with rocket, artichokes and sun dried tomato. I will not tell you what we drank, because we did not leave any for you. Sorry.


Unknown said...

Not even for me? lol. Great pic. I love the clock.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, you are the exception, dear. We always save a glass for you. I must say it was rather kind of my Godmother to bring dinner and cook for us since I am not particularly mobile at the moment. My very painful foot is making life very difficult and try as I may, I'm not grinning yet!

Unknown said...

Ahh you're sweet, Mme thank you. Your poor foot, if i were closer i'd come round to help; i wish i could. How kind your Godmother is. We'll have that glass next year and i can't wait.
Lots of love for a less hurty foot x

Jules said...

Hi Mme Benaut - no dancing yet?? Soon I hope!!

How I wish I had a fairy French Godmother to come and cook delicious French delicacies pour moi!!!!

claude said...

Moi aussi j'aime bien l'horloge. Sur la photo, c'est madame ou la marraine de madame? Je te fais confiance pour avoir fait accompagné ce dîner d'un bon vin, peut-être australien.

M.Benaut said...

C'est la marraine de Madame, qui habite à Paris. Je dois admettre que le vin était australien, et que nous en avons eu 3 bouteilles.
Sshhhh, Ne dites personne !!!

Nathalie H.D. said...

m.benaut I must tell you that the translation for rocket (as in salad) is roquette, not fusée (which would take you to the moon). I laughed out loud at your description of the menu. Thanks for the entertainment, it'll make up for the wine I missed.


M.Benaut said...

Nathalie, perhaps I was aware that, if I got it wrong, then my French friends may have a good laugh !!
I DO love it when you point out mes erreurs.
And, there is no greater compliment than hearing that I helped you to laugh.