Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mme Fitzgibbon est borgne

J'ai récemment découvert que cette femelle kookaburra était borgne.
Elle voit très bien de l'oeil droit, mais l'oeil gauche est sans espoir.
Cependant je suis heureux de dire que maintenant elle m'autorise à l'approcher et à la nourrir de ma main.

Mrs Fitzgibbon has one bad eye
I recently discovered that this kookaburra was blind in one eye.
She can see very well using the right eye, but the left eye is hopeless.
However, I am pleased to say that these days, she permits me to walk close to her and she will take food from my hand.


claude said...

Hello MB !
Poor bird !
I am back from vacation in Martinique Island in the french west Indies

Marie said...

Pauvre oiseau! Si je comprends bien c'est le printemps chez vous ? Mes amitiés à vous et à Madame :-)

Anonymous said...

I never saw a kookaburra bird before. It reminds me of a fledgling Blue Jay. And the blind eye sometimes is a result of flying into sticks while in trees. I had a squirrel once, whose eye got stuck and then it was infected and that led to an infection of the whole face. And death. Animals have to be strong to survive these days.