Friday, 22 January 2010

Reposez les yeux !

Avec toute la couleur des derniers jours, les défilés de mode et le Le Tour Down-Under à Adelaïde, voici un peu de l'obscurité.
Reposez les yeux !
Il y a plus de couleur à venir.

Et pour l'information des Castellorians il a fait 41.5° ici, aujourd'hui, - pas mal ?

Rest your eyes !
With all the colour of the last few days, Fashion Parades and Le Tour Down-Under in Adelaide, here is some darkness.
There is more colour to come.


✿France✿ said...

Et bien je me demande comment je vais faire pour reposer mes petits yeux mais je vais essayer de chercher. Sympa le titre et superbe photo

Anonymous said...

Funny, that! I always thought the language in Australia was English.

Leif Hagen said...

Do they get paid to do that? It's probably more difficult than I think! Great night photo!

Chuck Pefley said...

You camera flash sure lit up the reflective bits!

M.Benaut said...

Merci FRANCE de me rendre cette visite.
À l'heure où j'ai pris la photo, il a fait 35° tandis qu'à Nîmes il faisait probablement un peu plus froid !

Well one might wonder.
I haven't heard English spoken in Adelaide since the 60's.
Not even on the ABC.
What you hear here, is an evolving dialect where single-syllable words become double-syllable words.
So, - Happy New Yeeee Arrrhh !
(Oh, by the way, if you look at the bottom of my posts, there is usually some text in the local dialect and this can sometimes resemble the English you mention.)

Quite often the Police use their Greys for crowd control.
This was at a street party for Le Tour Down-Under, Wednesday nite.

Thanks Chuck,
I'll show you guys more of the Wednesday Evening Bash in a few days time.
Down Under, the whole country shuts down for the "Australia Day" public holiday on Tuesday, (26 January).
Sometimes it can include the weekends on either side !
Similar to Paris which shuts down for the Summer and the whole of August ! !

claude said...

Hello Benaut !
Do not excuse you for writting me in english. That's good for me and I have understods every word very well.
Sorry to read you have ill for Xmas time. Pneumonia is a serious illness. I hope all is ok now.
Weather is very hot over there.
It is not the same here, only 3,5° and we will have rain today.
Take care of yourself.
This afternoon I went with the "patron" to deliver a wardrobe.
He likes very well when I go with him. He tells you hello with hug.
Ich auch sende dir viele Küsse.

Vicki said...

What a stunning shot! It's bordering on surreal. I like it a lot.

claude said...

Ups ! Nice photo !