Monday, 11 August 2008

Roches Remarquables

Aujourd'hui nous visitons l'Île Kangourou et l'endroit connu sous le nom de "Roches Remarquables".
Quand nous y retournerons en été, nous pourrons voir cet endroit dans de meilleures conditions. Peut-être pourrons-nous même voir un platypus, (ornithorynque) - on ne sait jamais ?

Wiki dit que, "Le parc national de Flinders Chase est situé à l'ouest de l'île Kangourou à 213 km au sud d'Adélaïde. Depuis la création du parc en novembre 1919, l'endroit est devenu un sanctuaire pour de nombreuses espèces en danger dont certaines ont été importées du continent dans les années 1920 et 1930 notamment le koala en 1923 et l'ornithorynque en 1928. La plupart de ces espèces s'y trouvent encore.

Today we're at Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park, again, in the rain.
There is so much to see on 'The Isle Kangarou' including naturally, bucket loads of kangaroos, koalas, (in epic proportions), and even some platypuses; - platypii. I sure don't know how to spell the plural !!
I imagine that the platypus is not too well-known in your nick of the woods.
I'll take you there, again in Summer and hopefully we'll see one; and perhaps a bunjip, if we're really lucky !


Anonymous said...

It looks like it could be cold and wet. Nice photo.

Jilly said...

Love misty photograph. and obviously lots to see.

angela said...

The weather doesn't look so great there either; we've just had a spot of rain too.
I would really like to see a koala in the flesh. They look so cuddly...

Webradio said...

Bonjour !
J'aurais aimé voir un koala...

dive said...

Remarkable rocks indeed, Monsieur.
I confess I'd dearly like to see some platypussies.

claude said...

C'est certainement un bel endroit même sous la pluie et pleuplé d'animaux que l'on n'a pas ici.

Jules said...

Buggar - Dive stole my line about the plat-a-pussies!!!! Whenever I say that the cats go missing for a week!!!!

M.Benaut said...

Angela, Webradio, Dive, Claude and Jules,

It's true that we have a population of unique animals in Australia. (et peuplé d'animaux que l'on n'a pas ici.)

I shall do my best to find a Platypus; they are very rare in the city, but I know where to find them. (on the riverbank below the zoo).

Perhaps in October - when I have forgotten how to speak English.

M.Benaut said...

Monsieur le Président,
It sure can be cold and wet, however on this occasion it was summer, yet it was hot and wet. Explain that !!

Jilly, You know that is going to be your turn to come back down here asap. We should swap houses.

Anonymous said...

I've seen more spectacular photos of the Remarkable Rocks LOL - and never under driving rain... that's what the tourism industry is about, right?

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SH -ic said...

it look liken the weathere we had ..but now its sunny