Monday, 6 August 2007

Plus de fleurs aux couleurs vives pour Monsieur le Président

La plus grande proportion d'australiens vit très près de la mer. Peut-être seulement quelques minutes loin de la côte.
La terre large et brune aujourd'hui, est jaune et verte, nos couleurs nationales.
Ces maisons donnent sur la large plage sablonneuse blanche au Outer Harbour, sur un côté, et les champs aux couleurs vives sur l'autre.

More colourful flowers for Monsieur le Président
The greater proportion of Aussies live within a few minutes drive of the sea.
The wide, brown land today, is yellow and green, our national colours.
These homes overlook the wide white sandy beach at Outer Harbour, on one side and colourful fields on the other.


Jules said...

Lovely shot and nice angle.

It looks so beautiful and green - I was hearing today on TV that some areas around Adelaide are very dry at the moment.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Pretty pretty! Tell you what though - i want to see the beach again - please?

M.Benaut said...

You're on Lady !! D'accord.

M.Benaut said...

Jules, it's wet and cool, - continuously. It's just that our annual rainfall is below average and we will probably have water restrictions for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful flowers and so natural in that setting. I like yellow very much.

We are in a three month long drought here where I live and I have carried water to plants and animals all summer. I also use the hose to water with sometimes.

Thanks for all of your visits to my blog. I appreciate them.

Abraham Lincoln
About Abraham Lincoln


Nice view of your land...difficult to believe it's nearly winter in Australia ;-))

Monica said...

M.Benaut dear friend, Paris is a dream! Everything was perfect, we had such a great time here. It is hot hot hot, so we have been walking and walking in the sun for days! I feel like going to the beach (but not the Paris Plage!)
I met Eric and Michael today at Musée Rodin, could not have been more perfect. They are great guys, very fun to be around!
I will show you photos when I can, we still have some cities to hit before going home next week.

Love XXX

Michael Salone said...

After a hot weekend here in Paris, this photo looks nice and cool and refreshing. I bet it smells great too.

Marie said...

Beautiful flowers. Est-ce que ce sont des jonquilles ou des primevères ?

dive said...

Gorgeous, MB.

M.Benaut said...

Marie, ces fleurs s'appellent Sour Sobs et ils se développent sauvages par beaucoup de l'Australie.

Vous pouvez les voir,

WichitaKsDailyPhoto said...

The residents get a double view, no matter which way they look, they see beauty.

Unknown said...


ain't that yellow and green the aussie sports jerseys colours :-)