Saturday, 10 November 2007

À tous mes amis de blog

À tous mes amis de blog, je vous souhaite tout un vendredi joyeux et un "ripper week-end".
Voici, l'Orchestre de Symphonie de Melbourne avec un petit air pour votre plaisir

To all my blog friends, I wish you a happy Friday and a ripper weekend.
Here, is the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with a little tune for your enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

VB = Victoria Bitter (Beer). Not as good as a Coopers Pale Ale - made in South Australia!!

Wow! What a spectacle - well done M.B
xxx Mme xxx

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Wouldn't play for me i'm afraid but the thought was there, thank you!

dive said...

Cheers, Monsieur B!
Utterly splendid!
A spiffy weekend to you and yours.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from across the state border. Seen you around on Jules's blog and only just realised you are from Adelaide!

The MSO is wonderful - they played with KISS three years ago.

By the way, I have a vey soft spot for South Australia - the SA coastal regions around the Eyre Peninsula get a great run in my first novel.



Jules said...

Couldn't open it m benaut but thanks for the thought!!!

I reckon we could tell dive anything and he would believe us - hee! hee! What are his passions?? When we find out we just tell him that is what is growing on trees and he'll be over in a flash!!!

I would love you all to visit then I could talk to you without waiting bloody 15 minutes to write what I want to say.

Neva said...

That was awesome! Just goes to show, that good musicians can play anything and sound GREAT! Were they advertising a drink? I didn't recognized the bottle.

Maria said...

Could not open it, but I will be sure to have a ripper weekend. I just like saying "ripper."

Anonymous said...

Aha, hard to find a French translation for a ripper weekend, eh?

I have no sound on my computer so mised out on most of the contents of the video, but the visual tells a lot already; Splendid idea! No drinking at the end to celebrate this beautiful concert?

Now there's one photo I must comment on, and that's your black and white hat shadows of the Melbourne cup. It's AWESOME! Would you consider sending me a print of that?

I'd be willing to exchange that for a print of any of my photos you could be interested in. In fact I'm considering suggesting that as a major Xmas event : a huge swap of prints between bloggers who are interested, wouldn't it be an lovely exchange of gifts?

Anonymous said...

And sorry that the photo that I'm interested is not the one with the two half naked girls. Had they been half naked guys, it would have been a different story...
BTW seriously, how did you come up with this photo????

Jilly said...

I fell off my computer chair laughing! Totally brilliant. Thanks very much. Hmmmmm, guess I'd better get the beer ready for your arrival...

Catmoves said...

G'day mate. Hilarious video. And not a flat beer in the piece. Wild Thing heard it and heard me laughing, asked "What was that?"
I could only laugh harder.

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