Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Deux grenouilles dans l'une famille ?

Allez-vous jamais faire du shopping, seulement pour trouver que le chien a sauté dans le siège arrière de la voiture ?
En France, naturellement, ce n'est pas le le chien, mais la grenouille qui saute dans le Citroën quand vous devez aller aux magasins ?

Stefan possède deux grenouilles / Steve's two frogs
Do you ever go shopping, only to find that the dog has jumped into the back seat of the car ?

In France, naturally, it is not the dog, but the frog that jumps into the Citroën when you need to go to the shops.


claude said...

Hi MB !
Your photos of Second Valley are very beautiful. Wonderful skies !
Polish names are very difficult to be pronounced. Fleurieu is easy to me.
The other day, I saw a frog in the pond.


What kind of citroen is it? I didn't recognize it.

Anonymous said...

The car looks magic....except for the THREE pedals.