Monday, 12 January 2009

Conduisant vers Gorbio

Driving to Gorbio

The Autoroute to Menton and up the hill to Gorbio was all smooth sailing and as I mentioned yesterday, it was a very hot day in the South of France.

Unbeknown to me, Nathalie had kindly e-mailed Jilly that we were on the road and at what hour we could be expected.
We approached the Route de Gorbio to the sounds of the 'téléphone portable' singing away.
It was Jilly and her final directions.
French girls are just sooooo efficient and well-organized.

In Jilly's street we met Crystelle, 'la factrice' in her yellow La Poste mobile and then, voila, our hostess was at the corner to meet us.

We were now "on" the French Riviera !


Anonymous said...

I enlarged every picture to enjoy the details. The village looks so cute and clean and colourful.

I look forward to your next posts about your stay with Jilly. A visit to her area is very high on my wish list!

claude said...

Ce village est très beau et la factrice semble très sympathique.
Il y a presque 20 ans nous avons visité the French Riviera en camping car.
Nous avons visité Nice, Monaco et avons, malheureusement manqué de pouvoir conduite sur la Croisette de Cannes.
Je réponds à ton mail bientôt.

Jilly said...

OOh, super, you've arrived chez moi or at least in Gorbio village. Well done with your photo of our post lady. More than I've managed! A nice one. She's a great lady.

I'd forgotten that you took a photo of Mme Benaut sitting under the tree with the lady in the blue jeans - she often looks after the exhibitions in the Presbytery. Can't remember her name - she's got a little shih-tzu. I'm full of useless information...

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oh Jilly you make me laugh, remembering people for the dogs they have and not much else!

M.Benaut now I recognise the terrace of Hotel Beausejour that Jilly showed a picture of on the day you visited. It was so picturesque with the green leaves tumbling down from the pergola (is it jasmine?)

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

How exciting!

Maria said...

Ah....shorts and warm blue skies.