Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Il n'y avait aucune puanteur ici, - au contraire

Last year and at about this same time, Marie took some friends who were visiting Montpellier, on a bicycle tour around the beautiful coastal lagoons where we were currently exploring.

"We went to Palavas les Flots." Marie explained on her blog, "Palavas derives its name from "pue la vase" (stinks of silt). Of course, it does not stink any longer!"

Well, as far as I could smell, the whole of France was pretty damn splendid and I was yet to be bothered by a smell or two.

We would save that for the fish wharves at Sète a little later in the day.


dive said...

Sigh … All that beautiful weather and delicious food.
Do we get to see the fish wharves, Monsieur? I love places like that.

M.Benaut said...

Dive you will be very happy, very soon.

What you are imagining is just a few kilometres away and I'll try my best to remember what we ate.

Bloody hell, old son; you should have been there..........