Tuesday, 15 April 2008

La Bourse des Valeurs d'Adelaïde

La Bourse des Valeurs d'Adelaïde a été formée en 1887. Aujourd'hui le vieux bâtiment du Marché Boursier est caché par les structures modernes.
The Stock Exchange of Adelaide was formed in 1887. Today the old Stock Exchange building is dwarfed by modern structures.


dive said...

What a cool turret roof.
It does look kind of bitter and resentful, squashed in between all the concrete crap.

M.Benaut said...

Perhaps I'll get you another view sometime, Dive.
You can bet that the snow slides off this roof !

Chuck Pefley said...

I like that you've included people to give a good sense of scale. The NYSE stock exchange building on Wall Street faces similar overshadowing from it's many larger neighbors.

M.Benaut said...

Hi Chuck, you made my day by your comment. It's often nice to show people both in long shots and close-ups.
Seems that many bloggers capture the rear-end type of shot when photographing folk. People shots are really quite a challenge for some of us beginners.
I'll attempt to try and shoot many more in days to come, now I have a longer lens, (Lumix FZ-18).
By the way, check out Jilly's excellent shots at Menton Daily Photo. She shows wonderful people photos.
Thanks for popping by.

Jilly said...

My God, I thought you were about to say the Stock Exchange had crashed! Well, it probably almost has - all over the world.

Really like this shot and I so agree with Chuck about people and giving it perspective. Gives it a sense of an area lived in or at least walked in.

Thankyou, Monsieur Benaut for your kind words to Chuck about Menton DP. Am still struggling with the camera at times - when it's good it's super, when it's bad it's not helpful. So much to learn, so much to learn... The portrait shots I find work - on Portrait setting - but when I get background and people - well not always. Your photo today works in both regards, it seems to me.

M.Benaut said...

I would say that, judging by your shots Jilly, you and the camera are a fabulous combination.
The girl with the fishnet gloves was a wonderful photo, today, and the long shots of Monaco's beautiful cathedral on le Rocher; they're all too good for words !!

Jules said...

Great shot M B - you are the King of People Shots!!!

You do buildings well too.