Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Vous pourriez être pardonné de penser que vous étiez « auf dem Oktoberfest in München! »

Voici les photos finales prises dans la rue le mercredi soir, le dernier étant les chevaux de la police que vous avez vu il y a quelques jours.
Les festivals de la rue sont très amusants, et vous rencontrez beaucoup d'imprévus vieux amis aussi.

You could be forgiven for thinking you were at the Oktoberfest in Munich !
These are the final photos taken in the street on Wednesday evening, the last one being the Police horses that you saw a few days ago.
Street parties are great and you bump into many unexpected, old friends, too.


Anonymous said...

Happy Australia Day to you m.benaut !

claude said...

The Beehive Corner building is very beautiful.
Tow years ago our German friends who came to home brought some foods and beer to celebrate Oktoberfest for the first time at home. It was a great party !

Chuck Pefley said...

I really like the trio of women holding their plates under their chins! LOL!!

queen of my galaxy said...

hi! love your photo blog. i'm also from adelaide and i also just started a daily photo blog more as a visual diary/journal than anything else.
cheers! - petite

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прошупрощения за опеачтки.... очень маленькая клавиатура у PDRA!


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