Sunday, 24 January 2010

La religion a de plus grands avantages en dehors des murs d'église

Mercredi, moi et mes amis ont assisté à une street party, une partie pour célébrer Le Tour Down-Under en ville.
Il y avait des restaurants sur les trottoirs, et les défilés de mode partout.

Comme on peut le deviner, les hommes ont été traînés vers les défilés par les dames. Imaginez !
Cependant, nous étions généralement satisfaits des résultats parce que c'était le même comme aller à l'église!
( Où étaient Sarkozy et Berlusconi, quand on a eu besoin d'eux ?)

Religion has greater benefits outside church walls
Wednesday evening saw a group of us attending a street party to celebrate Le Tour Down-Under in town, (Hyde Park).
There were restaurants in the street and fashion parades everywhere.
The blokes were dragged to the fashion parades by the girls, as you might guess, - quelle horreur !!
However we chaps agreed that the standard of fashion was passable, - as it was just like being in church !


Thib said...

You're right, my friend: quelle horreur! ;-))

claude said...

Whant a ucrious place for a biki fashion parade ! My God !
It would be a long plane trip to come here and eat my recipe of legs of Turkey, but why not !
You could have some drinks with Mon Chéri again !
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Stefan Jansson said...

My kind of event!

Claude Richard said...

Sympa ce religieux défilé !
Have a nice day !

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Chuck Pefley said...

Yes, exactly like church -:) At least the church yard, anyway LOL!!

Leif Hagen said...

Like something which I've never seen before! Maybe the church will see a boost in its attendance?! Your photos could be in a fashion magazine!

Anonymous said...

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