Monday, 8 October 2007

Types australiens : Aussie Blokes

On l'a dit que les femmes étrangères aiment des hommes australiens. L'accent, le bronzage, le personnage robuste et dangereux vulgarisé par Paul Hogan, font des femmes, "surgeons" pour les blokes (types) en bas - sous.
Bien, cela peut être vrai, mais pour chaque Australien Adonis, il y doit avoir Sheila, sans qui un bloke serait perdu!
Qu'estimez-vous, ces deux types pensent ? Il est écrit sur leurs visages.

It has been said that foreign women love Australian men. The accent, the tan, the rugged and dangerous persona popularized by Paul Hogan, all make women suckers for the blokes down-under.
Well, that may be true, but for every Australian Adonis, there has to be a Sheila, without whom a bloke would be lost !
What do you reckon, these two blokes are thinking? It's written on their faces.


Anonymous said...

I think I was here the other day and saw a beautiful lady and you commented something about you smiling.

I smiled a lot while I was here that time and told my wife about the lady. How attractive she was.

This is another one of those pictures. I know what the blokes are thinking...

I don't suppose she ended up spilling a drop.

Maria said...

They look like they could provide some interesting dinner conversation.

Rich said...

hmmm what might they be thinking? Men are men and think what men will think.

Marie said...

M. Benaut, I do not quite understand. Are you making fun of the lady?

M.Benaut said...

Non, non et non, Marie.
Les dames sont ceux que nous respectons et aimons.
Je suis désolé de donner l'idée fausse.
Je prêterai une meilleure attention, la prochaine fois.
Me pardonnerez-vous ?

Marie said...

Hi, hi, je vous pardonnerai si vous me dites à quoi pensent les messieurs :-)