Monday, 29 January 2007

Carrick Hill House, overlooking the city.

It's now time to focus on the more cultural aspects of Adelaide.

This is grand old home at Springfield in the Adelaide foothills, was built in the 1930's.
"Carrick Hill" was the home of Sir Edward and Lady Hayward and built in the style of an English manor. It is one of the few period homes in Australia to have survived with its grounds undiminished and most of its original contents intact. Carrick Hill was bequeathed to the state on Sir Edward's death in 1983 (his wife having predeceased him). It is open to the public for most of the year, but is closed during July for essential maintenance.

I took this photo at a friend's wedding and naturally relished the opportunity of soaking up the charm of this lovely old residence.


Ame said...

WOOOOOOOOO M-B! Beautiful abode! What I wouldn't give to live in a place like THAT! Sigh~~~~~~~~~~~~

And hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...wonder who left those hangers on the step there by the door? Love the stone/grass area too...

Someday... Have a great week! =)

lynn said...

Gorgeous. Looks in amazing condition for the thirties. Has it been recently cleaned?

M.Benaut said...

What sharp eyes you have my dear! Must have been the bridesmaid's.
The atmosphere is very clean, here. We don't have smog nor air pollution to speak of. Only rarely do old buildings need cleaning. Adelaide was settled in 1836 so none are too old anyway.

lynn said...

Ohh i've never been moved to come to Australia so much as now M. & Mme Benaut! It seems just so lovely. My grandmother lived in Aus & NZ for three years in the sixties. Will find out where she was, i just can't recall.

M.Benaut said...

Do find out and let me know. I had meant to respond to your previous comment about votre Grandmere. With a bit of luck we can show you an image of the place. Easy, Australia is only 3 million square miles, not a problem. It's larger than mainland USA, but don't tell you know who.

Ame said...

HEY! I resemble that REMARK! And don't mess with me...I've had 2 glasses of cabernet (long day!) and it's only 1:15PM! LOL! ;) WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Michael said...

M et Mme Benault said, It is one of the few period homes in Australia to have survived with its grounds undiminished and most of its original contents intact.

What would have caused the "non-survival" or destruction of similar homes? Time, war, weather, Lynn and the Koalas?

M.Benaut said...

Howdy Michael,
1, Developers have wrought havoc in the past and carved up land with significant buildings for their commercial gain. Now planning regs. have put a stop to this, but not before some imortant heritage buildings were lost.
2, Need to consult with you, monsieur, regarding our September trip to Paris. I love the 9ème and hope that later-on you may be able to extend a bit of assistance with planning stuff peut-être? Que dites-vous?