Saturday, 27 January 2007

Eat it or Photograph it?

After celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY one naturally thinks of breakfast and where better, than on Kangaroo Island, the 3rd biggest island of Australia. Here, one can view Australia at a safe distance and commune with nature (or a hangover), face to face.
Breakfast on this island paradise naturally comprises of Champagne and bacon and eggs, Jude's specialty. Dennis has flown in from Oregon to adjudicate and yep, guess who's salivating with the camera.
After feeding the troops, Advance Australia Fair should be sung, but most Aussies don't know the words. We do, however know the second verse of God Save the Queen. "Thy greatest gifts in store, on her be pleased to pour, Long may she reign."
At this point we're all pleased to pour another Champagne to the tune, "may she defend our shores and ever give us cause, to sing with heart and v,,,, at which stage the voice has given out and the fish are biting. The Queen is forgotten and the lunch (beer) loaded in the boat and that's another day down under.


lynn said...

Ooh i really want to be there. I'm starving right now so this is torture! Those eggs....mmmm

Michael said...

And which one is you????

Nikon said...

Good to see a new site - I hope you have fun.

M.Benaut said...

In anticipation of a visit we have saved you some.
J'ai également sauvegardé, pour seulement tu, du champagne ROSE !

A very big and hearty Ozzie welcome to the Land Down Under. Votre visage de sourire et votre bonne humeur, m'honore, monsieur.
Now, your question.
Numero uno: the title
Numero due: guess who's salivating....
Numero tre: only Americans have crew-cuts.
Numero quattro: Not blond,
Numero cinq: I'm the handsome one
Numero sex: my head hurts (from singing God save the Queen)
It was supposed to be a Marshall McLuhan-esque sort of photo.

Thank you too for your kind words. I intend to share the fun with you and all our friends.

Michael said...

I'm so stupid...the title gave me a clue. You know, I never read photo titles for some reason. I'm so eager to get to everybody's text and photo I somehow always skip it. So now I know to pay more attention!

Ame said...

And Mikey boy...the answer iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis??? ;) Hi M.B.!

M.Benaut said...

As the most popular commentator,mediator and incubator of stimulating thought in the DP realm, your omissions are greatly exceeded by your contributions, observations and machinations.

You're funny, cute and you know EVERYTHING!!!

lynn said...

mmm you saved me some? When's the next flight? and some champagne Rose. Ohhh the memories... lol! I'd LOVE to be there.

Ian said...
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M.Benaut said...

Y' know, Lynn,
Australia, albeit it's 'down under', is closer than it once was. My Uncle was a C. of E. missionary in East Africa from 1934 to 1968, and Deacon of Khartoum Cathedral. He and my Aunt travelled there and back, and to London, often, on the P&O line. It took weeks! They travelled POSH ! (Port Out, Starboard Home). These days it's 24 hours to London or Paris. There's a lot to see and soak-up here from the wonderful Barrier Reef to the Red Centre, Sydney with the most beautiful harbour anywhere and Coober Pedy with a landscape so different, that it can almost not be described. Last week in Sydney for William's Christening, I would sit (naturally in the front seat) of a taxi, and rattle and laugh in French with Marcel or was it Jean-Pierre. Only in restaurants, do Aussies tip for service and we are always welcoming of visitors. Beaches, sun, sand, surf and things starting with "s" are everywhere. We live out of doors as much as we can and today I wore shoes. I think I went to work. And I'll wear them again in Paris , en Septembre!
IT'S MIDNIGHT, I'd better post. VITE.