Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Adelaide from the Foothills

My city, Adelaide, capital of South Australia, is a coastal city of just over one million inhabitants, situated on the plains of the Fleurieu Peninsula, between the Gulf St. Vincent and the Mount Lofty Ranges. It is 20 km from the coast to the foothills, but it stretches 90 km from its northern extent to the southern beaches.
South Australia was first charted by Capt. Matthew Flinders in 1802 in H.M.S. Buffalo.
On 8 April 1802, while sailing east, Flinders met up with the French explorer Nicolas Baudin, who was sailing west aboard Le Géographe. Both men had been sent by their governments on separate expeditions to map the unknown southern coastline of Australia. Flinders and Baudin met and exchanged details of their discoveries and Flinders later named the site of their meeting Encounter Bay. What was unknown to both men at the time, was that England and France were at war.
This is a view from the Mount Lofty Ranges, looking over the capital city of the only freely-settled British province in Australia.
The Square Mile of the city of Adelaide has wide boulevards and large public squares, and is entirely surrounded by parklands.
If you click on the image you may see this more clearly. Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate, where most of the rain falls in the winter months and there is usually no appreciable snowfall.
I hope this will help to introduce my city and I look forward to zooming-in on future occasions.


dive said...

Hey, MB; what's all that blue stuff in the sky? The sky over London is kinda slate grey this lunchtime (rats) …

M.Benaut said...

Must have had the Box Brownie upside down,mate. Not too bad in the sun though, only 30 C, hopefully a bit warmer tomorrow for "Tennis in the Parque". Got a nice little 1999 Merlot to go with the rib eye steak and it's my turn for the onions. Can't have a BBQ sans onions. But having some trouble with my returns at the net. That's tomorrow. I'm a bit pre-occupied with your 6-M's, - not so easy as the last quiz. Don't f'get to click on the photos, that's how you really see rats.

lynn said...

Beautiful. Stunning. See you at the weekend! (i wish)

M.Benaut said...

I think Saturday will be 38C, hope the water's not too warm, mmmm

Gerald England said...

Glad to discover your interesting blog -- been watching your comments on Ame's.

We've a Queen Adelaide pub here - http://hydedailyphoto.blogspot.com/2006/12/queen-adelaide.html

lynn said...

I'm putting your lovely blog on my links. Though i'm still quite jealous of that beach.

Ame said...

Hi M-B...funny, another good friend, blog pal has a name with "MB" initials and I call him "MB" so now I have to keep you both straight! LOL! ;)

Hey, nice area shot! And if I didn't know it was OZ, I'd have to say it looks a lot like the valley here in the Bay Area...but then again, aren't we just about on the same line on the globe?

Have a good one Mate! ;)

Off to find a shot to post...

M.Benaut said...

No-one can keep ME straight for too long, (not the way you thing of straight). Anyway, you get the point. BENAUT is a play-on words for my nickname because I used to drive the BENAUT RENAULT. That's why Michael and others sometimes call me M. Benault. You notice that Lynn never does, and that's coz she's British. My forebears were British and as the superior race (just Joking) we have got it right (just joking). Crikey what crap !!
Thank you so much. I just LOVE the way you use the word "lovely". It sounds so nice. Merci Encore !
Thank you for joining me. My charter was to be entertainining, informative but not half arsed, so it honours me to have you visit Adelaide. Your Queen Adelaide Pub was lovely and I hope we can share an ale there some day. Please tell me more about the rocket man, we could be related.

Ame said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm...I'm from CA M-B! I can think of a few different ways to think of straight! ;) Ben-O-Ren-O! LOL! =) And are YOU headed across the pond too???!!! Where to, Bristol TOO? ;)

lynn said...

Oh it's a pleasure, M. Benaut. I trust Mme is well today? I long for more sea shots when you get a min too.

Mme Benaut said...

Bonjour Lynn,
Je suis tres bien merci. M.B is sleeping at last. Wednesdays are always hectic pour lui - tennis in the parque, beers, etc. It is Thursday already down here!