Saturday, 22 November 2008

Oceans and Cathedrals : and Perfection

With eager thoughts of finally arriving on the Mediterranean shores of our beloved France, we were thrilled to see Marie arrive at the Kyriad Hotel early next morning.

So much planning had preceded our meeting and I had been worried that she may not have returned from the USA in time for our visit.

Marie had a twinkle in her eye which could only mean mischief.

We set out for the coast and the wonderful Monument historique, la Cathédrale Saint-Pierre at Maguelone.
I had been looking forward to this day for months after Marie's wonderful photos from its roof, on Montpellier Daily Photo.

Approaching our destination and winding through the coastal lakes beside the shoreline we came to the long and sunny beach at Palavas-les-Flots.

It was here that I first understood the twinkle in the eyes of a French girl !


Webradio said...

Nice Ladies ! Chuttt...

claude said...

Oh my ! M.Brenaut ! I undestand why Marie had a twinkle in her eye !
Thanks for the link !

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Such a fab beach series. I love it. M. Benaut; are you ....whisper...naked?......phew! Lookin' GOOD.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Mme you look absolutely stunning too. Sorry I mentioned that second, but well, you know how the female mind works.. ! Seriously, how lovely you look there.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, what a handsome man out there! I'm glad censorship kicked in or your blog would immediately have been rated X by our American friends. Thank heavens we French girls know better. There are quite a few nudie beaches along that coast...

Now to the cathedral, what a wonderful site and monument!
I remember visiting it when we cruised with our barge from Avignon to Sète and back in two weeks during an Easter holiday about fifteen years ago. It was quite magic to discover it from the coastal lakes, tie up at a quay and walk up to the cathedral and the beach. It was too cold to swim though, so no skinny dipping for me!

dive said...

Well that's the office calendar sorted out for next year, Monsieur.

When I print that out and take it to work on Monday the girls are going to go ape.

When are you going to post the bottom half?

Nathalie H.D. said...

Quoi, Marie est blonde?
Mais sur la photo de son profil elle est brune!
Et mme benaut est brune, mais sur la photo de son profil elle est blonde!
Au secours, les filles je n'y comprends rien!!!

M.Benaut said...

Généralement, les garçons sont simplement marron, de haut en bas. Pas un problème pour nous ! ! !

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Oh. I just popped back to see if you'd posted the bottom bit. :(

Marie said...

Ah ah tout ça me rappelle de très bons souvenirs en compagnie de deux très joyeuses et amicales personnes :-)))

Nathalie, j'ai décidé de ne plus me teindre les cheveux et donc ils poussent gris :-))

Nathalie H.D. said...

Lynn and dive, this reminds me of a famous French advertising campaign where in August 1981 a gorgeous top model in a bikini appeared on huge ads throughout Paris with the caption "on September 2nd I'm taking the top off" and indeed on that day new ads appeared where she was topless (stunning breasts). And the new ad said "on September 4th I'm taking the bottom off". Everyone waited with high expectactions (or disgust) to see what would happen and indeed on that day new ads were posted where she appeared naked, turning her back to the camera and oh what a nice arse she had!
And the final caption was:
Avenir, the advertising company that holds its promises.

The campaign created an incredible buzz at the time and was the origin of something people still say today: "demain, j'enlève le bas", which is about making promises you either hold or don't.

Full story (in French) on wikipedia here

Good fun!

Anonymous said...

Re your comment at Lynn's about tomatoes, you wrote
parssthtmartasorss will yamate narwurries

Help, I don't understand a word of it! The last word, yes, but the rest... Oh dear, it makes me realize how far from fluent I am in OZ dialect. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay, I finally got it!
Took me all that time!
By that time someone else would have passed the tomato sauce and finished their plate... LOL

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

LOL Desperate... :)

Nathalie that sounds just about the most brilliant ad campaign I ever heard! Must have had you all transfixed - even the ladies! Wonderful, especially the last line.

Anonymous said...

yes Lynn, I remember it well, it was quite something!

alice said...

Happy to see you're back with the internet! And looking to your photos make me believe the summer could come back too...It's so cold today, it could be snowing...I'm looking forward to see the next episodes of your trip!