Tuesday, 18 May 2010

... je me demande si vous pouvez deviner ...

De temps en temps, je vous ai montré des photos de l'embouchure du plus grand fleuve de l'Australie, le Murray.
Voici une autre embouchure d'un rivière où les Australiens se détendre au soleil sur leur week-end.
Certains profitent pour prendre du poisson tandis que d'autres aiment se baigner ou surfer.
Comme ce n'est pas la rivière Murray, je me demande si vous pouvez deviner l'emplacement?

Where the hell are we ?
From time to time I have shown you photos of the mouth of Australia's biggest river, the Murray.
Here is another river mouth where aussies relax in the sun on their weekends.
Some like to catch fish while others like to swim or surf.
As this is not the river Murray, I wonder if you can divine the location ?


claude said...

I am sure it is not the River Loir!!!

Thib said...

nor the Loire, Claude ;-)


Bonjour l'Australie !!!
Comment ça va ???

claude said...

@ Thib
I want to speak about the river LOIR and not LOIRE.
Loir is tributary of Loire, and flows across my village.
m.Benaut knows it.

Anonymous said...

Claude, I think Thib knows that.
I believe he added the e on purpose, knowing m.benaut would enjoy the play on names.

M.Benaut said...

Anonyme, il y a quatre-vingt-quatre raisons d'être d'accord avec vous

Thib said...

@Claude, I'm sorry if I upset you. That was not the idea!
As pointed by Anonymous, that was just a play on names. Living in Cheverny, I know the difference between these two very different, and very nice, rivers ;-)

claude said...

La Loire est plus renommée que le Loir. J'habite un village dont le nom se termine par -sur-Loir comme la ville la plus proche "Château-du-Loir" et souvent les gens mettent un E à la fin pensant qu'ils s'agit de la Loire.
En fait nous n'habitons pas très loin l'un de l'autre.

Du coup on ne sait toujours pas de quelle rivière veut parler m.Benaut !

Anonymous said...

Alors m.benaut, c'est où ?

M.Benaut said...

Finally I must come clean ! !

The photo was sent to me by my good friends, Brian and Julie, from the mouth of the Noosa River in Queensland, just a few days ago.

The river enters the Pacific Ocean here, and it's a most popular tourist destination about 136 kilometres north of Brisbane and about 1700 k. from Adelaide.

Naturally the fresh fish in the restaurants and cafés is straight from the water.
(They will probably tell you its name ! !)

You may recall that I showed you photos of the Murray mouth on some previous occasions, including last March when Eric Tenin was staying with me. You could have thought the photo had been taken there.

However, the climate in Queensland is warmer and at this time of year and the southerners migrate to Queensland to follow the sun.

So, it wasn't the Mayenne at Château Gontier. Thanks Laurent.
Neither was it Le Loir at Coëmont where there is a beautifu medieval bridge near Château-du-Loir. Merci Claude.
It wasn't at Cheverny which is about 13 K. from La Loire at Blois.
Thibault, you must get a river in your town ! Molto Grazie.

And it wasn't from St Kilda in Melbourne either. (No patriotic inhabitant of Adelaide would admit to going to the second largest Greek city in the world ! )

And in conclusion, - Le Loir is a far nicer river than La Loire, any day.
Je suis d'accord avec Claude.

Noosa Coordinates: 26°23′53″S 153°05′35″E (from Wikipedia)

Thib said...

Well, whether the Loir is nicer than the Loire, I don't know !!!
But can they really be compared???
Would you compare a 2CV and a Rolls-Royce? they both great and nice, but in different categories ;-)

And we have a (small) river in Cheverny: it's called le Conon... so small that it's unknown by Google and Wikipedia ;-)