Sunday, 11 January 2009

Cette chanson n'est pas encore finie

The Pont d'Avignon although it has been partially swept away, - in fact several times, certainly swept me away.

Its history and its story are romantic and thrilling and that is what is lovely about France.

A traveller can be thrilled, he can be swept off his feet, not just by the rapidly running Rhône, but by France itself, the people, the country, the culture, the language and the sheer pleasure which he will experience there.

France is so certainly a magnet, a dance of life, and Avignon has just that power, that allure and fascination.

Here are the last photos of such long-lasting memories.
Tomorrow we are heading to the Riviera.

Merci Avignon et merci Nathalie. Ici, en Australie nous te donnerions un boomerang. Un boomerang revient toujours aux pieds de la personne qui le jette.


Unknown said...

Bienvenue, M. Benaut! Tu es la! This is indeed a lovely bridge. I especially like the black & white.

M.Benaut said...

Thanks Lynn, and thanks for the nice welcome home.

The Black and white was taken by Nathalie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the use of the two photos.

Lynn, you must definitely klick on the link at the bottom of the page on Saturday's post.

You will love the dance and the music. Enough said.

Now, off to Cheltenham after such a long absence !